A downloadable game

A fan game re-creation of the first Ace Attorney case...

...but (slightly) more realistic

Visual novel-type game with dialogue choices

Play as a lawyer defending your client in court

Use real trial procedures such as direct examination and impeachment


Benjamin Sheh (Team Lead, Writer, Audio, Programming)

Aziz Alabduljalil (Programming, Art)

Kevin Huang (Programmer, Outreach, Audio, Art)

Grace Hong (Producer)

Made with Pywright Game Engine

Install instructions

Download the zipped folder and extract the files.

Open the PyWright application.

Click "Games", "The First Turnabout - Redux", and "New Game".


PyWright.zip 379 MB


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This was really fun! I haven't played Phoenix Wright before, but I really enjoyed the puzzle elements of the case and learning more about court proceedings.